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Ryôsuke method, what is a breathing weight loss exercise that comes from Japan

Ryôsuke method, what is a breathing weight loss exercise that comes from Japan

He is 64 years old Actor Miki Ryusuke Some suffered Excruciating back pain And he went to his doctor hoping he would give him a solution. He took home a recipe for some exercises through which he strengthens the lower back long breaths. With just a few minutes a day of training, the Japanese managed to improve his back health and shed a few extra kilos. As stresses, in six weeks I lost 13 kg and 12 cm from my waistThat’s it Accumulation of fat in your belly. How is that possible?

Breathing is the key to any exercise

“a long breath It’s a powerful, deep breath. That softens the stomach and burns body fatIn a Youtube tutorial, Miki Ryôsuke explains how to do the exercises that bear his name to be visualized as slimming method. This isn’t the first time breathing has been brought into focus when exercising, but you’ve probably never stopped to think about how it works to speed up your metabolism, which it does.

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According to a study published in the British Medical Journal80% We burn body fat It is eliminated by breathing In the form of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (the three elements that make up fats). In this way, good oxygenation during exercise contributes to strengthening muscles in the same way Burn more calories.

What is the Resuke method?

Starting from the concept of breathing as a factor Strengthen metabolism While working out, actor Miki Ryosuke explains through a video how he uses his technique to lose weight. The starting point is a key position. The body stands with one leg behind the other so that the front foot is perpendicular to the other, and the body leans back in a straight line so that 90% of the body weight rests on the back leg. The arms are kept at the sides of the body and the buttocks must be active at all times to protect the lower back.

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The prolonged breathing of the Ryôsuke method consists of making a Inspiration for 3 seconds From this position while raising the arms above the head and 7 exhale seconds In which all the muscles of the body are activated. This exhalation is also divided into two parts, the first of about 3 seconds in which the air is expelled forcefully and the second, more relaxed, expelling the remaining air. For the exercise to be effective, the popular Japanese actor recommends doing it Between two and 10 minutes a dayto.