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They hold a forum on science and technology innovation in hydraulic resources

They hold a forum on science and technology innovation in hydraulic resources

Janio Salazar Zamora and Yanelci Carazana Castro, lead authors of related works Image / Orlando Vumpilida Claro

Dozens of papers with interesting proposals were presented at the Forum 2021 Branch Science and Technology Innovation of Hydraulic Resources System in Granma Province, Cuba, held on December 23 in Bayamo.

Because of their technical novelty, generalizability, economic contribution, presentation and defense, two of the papers presented at the event have attained relevant status.

One of the works deserving the highest recognition was titled Multi-SST-Obras: An Alternative for Safe Work in Hydraulic Works, from M.Sc. Yanelci Carazana Castro and Engineer Carlos Zamora Jiménez, consisting of designing and implementing multiple legal modes that would contribute to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system. Effective compliance with current and applicable legal regulations in the hydraulic business management process.

Presentation PHOTO / Orlando Fombellida Claro

Another related one is a procedure for diagnosing an innovation management system with a standardized approach at the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company in Bayamo, whose author is him. Janio Salazar Zamora.

The event jury, made up of three professionals with highly technical qualifications, also awarded the status of excellence to two works and was mentioned for the same amount.

The ten papers analyzed were selected from among about forty papers presented at popular events held during this year 2021, in the various entities of Hydraulic Resources in Granma.

The Science and Technology Forum is a political-ideological movement, with specific concepts and principles for the inclusion of the masses in the task of searching for useful solutions that solve everyday problems, which prevent the achievement of the goals and priorities of entities, through the appropriate application of science and technology.

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