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Rice cooker or air fryer: which uses more electricity?

Rice cooker or air fryer: which uses more electricity?

Small and large devices are considered an essential part of society's daily life, as these technological devices provide comfort and efficiency in performing various daily tasks. However, there are some of these devices that tend to consume a large amount of energy.

On the other hand, people are becoming more aware of energy consumption, and for this reason, it is necessary to understand how different appliances of daily use affect electricity consumption and significantly increase the value of this public service bill, which directly affects the pocket.

In recent years, air fryers and rice cookers have become essential appliances in the kitchen, especially for people who want to save time and eat healthy food, as these appliances are programmed and cook automatically for a period of time.

It is known that the continuous use of these kitchen appliances can increase energy consumption, which is not the same amount generated by a washing machine or dryer, which are among the devices that consume the largest amount of energy, according to studies.

Which appliance consumes more energy, a rice cooker or an air fryer?

As biochemical engineer Angel Perez mentioned on the “Robotina” portal, the energy consumption of the air fryer is determined mainly by the model of the fryer, its power characteristics and the temperature at which it operates, all of these factors can determine the final electricity consumption.

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“It consumes about 1,450 watts, which depends on its size. While conventional ovens can operate at 1,000 or even 5,000 watts, an air fryer with good capacity is more suitable,” says the biochemical engineer.

Regarding the energy consumption of rice cookers, the “Eligenio” blog, which specializes in electricity consumption and solar energy generation, states that rice cookers, like other small appliances, are classified according to their energy efficiency, as this information is vital for consumers. Find out which model should Buy it when you think about saving.

The power consumption of rice cookers also depends on the brand and mainly on the size of the appliance, as well as the amount of rice being cooked, as some can use 400 watts, while others go up to 1000 watts per hour.

In this way, air fryers can consume more energy than rice cookers, as the fryer offers versatility and can cook a large number of preparations, from meat to cakes. Its minimum power consumption is 1450 watts per hour, while these rice cookers have the maximum Minimum energy consumption. Consumption 400 watts per hour.

What are some of the most energy consuming appliances?

Enel Codensa, the energy provider in Bogotá and other parts of the country, reported some appliances intended for daily use with the highest energy consumption.

Hair dryers.

Hair and clothes iron.

Air fryer.

the washing machine.


Electric oven.

electrical heater.

vacuum cleaner.

Electric oven.