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Revealing Maria Corina's formula to reach the presidency

For Maria Corina Machado to reach the presidency of Venezuela, she needs a three-factor formula that includes unity, participation and competitiveness, human rights defender Rocío San Miguel said on the programme. Citizen On January 5th.

San Miguel spoke with Leopoldo Castillo and explained that María Corina Machado could become President of Venezuela if the synergy between the three factors is achieved.

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He said: “Venezuelans deserve real elections, not intermediaries… With unity, participation and competitiveness, Maria Corina Machado will become president.”

He explained that this year is special for Venezuela because of the long-awaited presidential elections, and that the challenge lies in achieving a real opportunity to restore democracy.

He said: “Give the Venezuelans the certainty that whoever the citizens elect will be the one who assumes the presidency (…) hope for the negotiations in Barbados.”

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He believes that Nicolas Maduro could be the candidate, but the numbers so far are not in his favor, so his team is looking for an option that could detract from the popularity of the winner of the primaries, Maria Corina Machado.

Regarding the economy, he said that in election years money hits the streets and is expected to reach not only the hands of big businessmen but also the hands of ordinary citizens.

In the same vein, he indicated that the strategy to prolong his term would be to suspend the elections using the issue of sovereignty as an excuse due to the territorial dispute with Guyana.

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He added: “It is possible that a crisis and a military clash will break out, because Guyana will not leave the region, and Maduro may suit him, even though he does not want that.”

He specified that another Maduro strategy might be to remove Maria Corina Machado from the game, but that is very difficult.

He finally explained that the revolution project had failed and they no longer had a way to continue clinging to power.

He stressed: “They have failed to fulfill the promise of Chavismo, to create a strong Venezuela and help the poor.”