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Liberan a consejero de embajada dominicana que fue secuestrado en Haití

Release the Dominican Embassy Counsellor who was kidnapped in Haiti

On Wednesday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, Roberto Alvarez, announced the release of the Adviser to the Dominican Embassy in Haiti, Carletine Guillen Tatis. After spending several days kidnapped.

Alvarez shared this information through his Twitter account, in a message in which he also confirmed that Guillen Tatis is in good health.

However, the official She did not reveal who was responsible of the crime or under what circumstances the man was released.

Fortunately, Carletine Guillen Tates, Counselor of the Dominican Embassy in Haiti, He was released unharmedor four days after booking. We thank everyone who actively participated in his release,” the Secretary of State wrote.

Guillen Tatis has been reported as Missing Since last Friday by his relatives, who confirmed that the last they knew about the chancellor was that he was traveling by road from Port-au-Prince to the Dominican Republic.

Two days later, the Dominican Republic’s embassy in Haiti urged that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the initiative Investigation To free the master man.

In the said application, the Dominican Ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Farouk Miguel Castillo, of the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attached a communication delivered to the Central Directorate of the Local Judicial Police, regarding the complaint about the kidnapping, And a screenshot of recent phone calls Performed on Guillén Tatis’ phone.

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