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Registration is open for positions in the College of Social Sciences

Registration is open for positions in the College of Social Sciences

Until July 17, the pre-registration period for the UNICEN School of Social Sciences will be open to enter the second semester of this course. The course will start in default mode.

Pre-registration period for the six undergraduate programs offered in Faculty of Social Sciences be open between June 14 and July 17 through a process that will be implemented by default.

The functions offered by FACSO are: Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication. BA in Anthropology of Social Orientation. Certificate in Archaeological-Anthropological Orientation; Journalism and professors of social communication and anthropology.

Because of the health emergency, both An introductory course in university life As a start of the second semester course it is virtual through the virtual social platform.

Virtual login

The Pre-University Life (CIVU) online course will be held from August 9-13. Thereafter, the start of classes will continue in the same way through the Virtual Social campus, thus ensuring access to the course for all students throughout the term.

Gradually, virtual classes can be combined with face-to-face lessons, if health measures permit.

digital recording

The entire registration process is done by default through the website www.soc.unicen.edu.ar, Until July 17, without the need for the applicant to attend the college headquarters

When you enter the registration option for races on the web, a pre-registration form must be completed and the four forms generated by the system must be saved in PDF format. Once this case is resolved, interested parties must collect their secondary address (notarized copy) or proof of ownership in process, a copy of ID, birth certificate and health record downloaded from the FACSO institutional website, and digitize all documents. In the case of applicants who owe high school subjects, they can register by submitting a certificate with the outstanding subjects.

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These digital documents and PDFs of the pre-registration form should be sent to the Student Department only by e-mail to [email protected] For inquiries about this process, you can contact via WhatsApp from 9 am to 1 pm at 02284 15621525 (required to direct inquiries by digital means and avoid coming to the headquarters).

  • Inquiries for more information about the races should be made exclusively by email to [email protected] Or mobile phone 02284-15500331.