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Rector Rubén Solís Ríos hands over work to the Faculty of Forest Sciences – call today

  • The investment in the car park of the Faculty of Forestry is 694,000 pesos, and it benefits the Prepa Diurna community.

The Dean of the University of Juarez, Durango State, Ruben Solís Rios, handed over the parking lot to the College of Forestry Sciences, a work in which the investment amounted to more than 600,000 pesos; This is as part of the infrastructure improvement measures that the central administration has committed to.

“Today we are handing over the FCF car park with an investment of 694 thousand pesos. Thanks to the efforts of the university community, we have been able to improve the facilities in various schools, colleges and institutes, which have great benefits,” commented University President Solís Rios.

He stressed that this work will have an impact on the Forestales community and Diurnal High School, which together will continue to work to continue the growth that allows for improved facilities for both institutions.

The rector also emphasized that when students return to the classroom face to face, they will be able to change their schools, with better infrastructure in different areas, parking lots, domes, classrooms and cafeterias, among other things that were built in these months of emergency. health.

For his part, Raul Solis Moreno, Director of the Faculty of Forest Sciences, acknowledged the efficient management of the available resources, so that users in general get more benefits. Parking helps to improve the appearance and ends with a problem caused by the clearest precipitation.

Diornal Preparatory School Principal, Emilio Pez Rozas, for his part emphasized the ongoing effort of Rector Solís Rios to improve the university’s overall infrastructure. “We must all continue to collaborate with our colleagues, as well as in our organization in which we have projects to be completed.”

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Finally, the President of the University, accompanied by the Directors, toured some of the work in progress at the Escuela Preparatoria Diurna and affirmed his commitment to the continued growth of infrastructure at UJED.