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"Origin" of Los Associados

“Origin” of Los Associados

In 2021, Dr. Rock and Roll joins the podcast radio The future with your weekly recipe.

This is Dr. Rock and Roll’s Medicine, Our Recommendations Co-worker Carlos Albarracín with the most selected Chilean rock.

News, bands to know, legendary names and much more, is what you’ll find every week in The Medicine of Dr. Rock & Roll, New Future Podcast, 88.9, Rock Radio.

Chapter Two of The Medicine of Dr. Rock & Roll

Part Two of La Medicina del Dr. Rock & Roll is dedicated to “El Origen”, Los Asociados’ second LP.

The band was born in October 2015, founded by Jorge de la Fuente (musician, composer and lead vocalist) and Miguel Rojas (musician and guitarist). At the end of the same year, drummer and percussionist Agustín Bravo joined the group, in 2016, guitarist Gabriel Chávez joined the group, which left the band after recording the album Siglos, and musician Josué Abrigo replaced her with the position of lead guitarist in mid-2019, who He recorded the band’s third album, “El Origen”, and in 2020 guitarist Luis Aceituno joined.

In May 2017, they released their first record production, the stellarly received “Despertar”, which led the band in July of the same year, to be part of the label IGED Records, with which they began a second studio production. album.

At the end of 2019 and 2020, they recorded their third studio album, “El Origen”, which was released on March 12, 2021 and distributed by IGED Records in collaboration with Warner Music.

His words are results of interpreting society, cultivating a new form of trova that includes rock, symphonic, folkloric and poetic roots.

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About the “Origin” of Los Associados

“Original” is a disco With rock music and sound much more progressive than its predecessors, varied tracks, harmonies and rhythmic variations, always maintaining its Latin American folklore essence that gives it a magical and surreal atmosphere. Musical production, recording and mixing were responsible for German Torres, mastery of Francisco Holzmann and artistic design of Boris Mina.

The length of the new feature is part of a conceptual work designed by the band’s composer and singer, Jorge de la Fuente, who commented, “All endings are an asset in themselves, which is why the lyrics are associated with the bad habits and vices of people in society, whose excesses consume the very existence of human life. It leads to a new way of being, transforming and exploring.”