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Recalmin 2023: the current picture of internal medicine

Recalmin 2023: the current picture of internal medicine

the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) The report has been submitted recalmin 2023, Which brings together the results of a survey conducted in 104 specialty hospital services. Juana Carretero, President of the Scientific Society The main statistics have been developed for this survey, which is still in the data collection stage. The report was presented on the third and final day of the conference The 44th National Congress of SEMI was held in Valencia.

Recalmin 2023 data

According to the Recalmin 2023 Progress Report, internal medicine services have 2,168 full-time internists, with an average of 21 internists per service and notable diversity. The estimated rate of internists in specialist services within the National Health System (SNS) is 8.4 per 100,000 population. This figure, in SEMI’s opinion, is far from the necessary average. “The ideal number would be between 11 and 13 internists per 100,000 population; “In fact, some hospitals already have this percentage,” the president said.

As for Hospital bedsThe percentage of internal medicine services is 17% on average. 9% of specialized services have appointments Short stay unit. Likewise, 28% have Palliative care unit; 21% had a palliative care consultation and 93% had dedicated beds.

Discharge from hospital

related Discharge from hospitalInternal medicine services represent approximately 20% of the total, both in terms of number of calls and activity rates, with a slightly increasing trend. The important fact is that the ratio of internists per resident tends to rise the smaller the size of the center, as does the number of discharges per internist per year. Furthermore, according to Recalmin 2023, 43% of internal medicine services have specific tasks Day medical hospital. 26% allocated Treatment at home And 59% have it Complex chronic patient care program. Juana Carretero also highlighted “scarcity.” Research activity Internal medicine services in centers with less than 200 beds.

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Reminder 2023 debate

They were the moderators of the “Recalmin: Internal Medicine Services in the 21st Century” table. Manuel Méndez Bailon, from the Internal Medicine Service at the San Carlos University Clinical Hospital in Madrid, And Montserrat Cimino Viñas, from the Internal Medicine Service of the Zamora Care Complex.

Aside from President Juana Carretero, I also participated in the symposium Javier Illola Somoza, from IMAS, The entity responsible for collecting and processing data. He also participated in the discussion Maria Teresa Herranz Martín, from the Internal Medicine Service at Morales Messegür University Hospital in Murcia.

The data collection period is still open

The data presented by SEMI at its national conference in Valencia served as a preview of the Recalmin 2023 study, as the data collection phase is still open. So far, 104 hospital services have responded to the survey, although SEMI hopes more centers will join. In this sense, Maria Teresa Herranz spoke about the benefits of knowing specialty data in order to improve patient care. “I would like to conduct a comparative analysis between hospitals in the same category and centers in other locations.” In this sense, Javier Illola pointed out that comparative information between autonomous communities could be provided in future reports.