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Queues continue from early morning to withdraw money from ATMs

Queues continue from early morning to withdraw money from ATMs

Shortages of cash at ATMs across the country have led to long lines trying to be the first to get what little cash the machines give out each day.

“Santiago de Cuba. Long queues from day to day at automatic teller machines due to lack of liquidity, which causes great discomfort among residents who often cannot withdraw money,” the Cuban Observatory wrote on social media on Wednesday. Human Rights (OCDH).

In a short video released by that organization, a crowd of people is seen next to two ATMs in that eastern city.

“How terrible! It is not even possible to withdraw money calmly in this country. It suffers from having to go to an ATM. People are already sleeping in queues. The sad thing is that not everything can be done with a mobile transfer Well, sellers and stores don’t use QR codes or payment gateways,” one netizen complained.

The same user added: “Access to the bank should lead to the placement of points of sale in all stores, improve speed, avoid power outages and increase ATMs. Without these resources, we continue in the same vein.”

At the beginning of August, the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) imposed Strict cash control Through measures aimed at collecting banking and payment transactions between all actors in the economy, a process aimed at reducing the use of cash.

Crisis arose complaints from people who can’t even extract their paychecks for it Lack of money in the ATM. theSocial networks reveal a state of widespread malaise among the population, which is fed up with every new measure, which only exacerbates the economic crisis, in parallel with inflation that empties the pockets of workers and retirees.

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Meanwhile, Alberto Quiñones Betancourtvice president Central Bank of Cuba (BCC)on national television Lack of liquidity at ATMs in Cuba It is not the result of access to banking services and emphasized that “banking access is the solution to better serve people.

He acknowledged that the situation with cash is “critical”, with a high level of demand and low deposits in bank branches, but stated that the priority for the BCC is to provide cash to the Cuban population, families, retirees and working people.

Banking is essential and benefits the population. As indicated, cash is not removed. The aim is to advance more quickly in the conditions of collection and payments without the use of cash, which is an important step in the computerization of the state,” the Minister of Planning and Economy emphasized, Alexander Gil Fernandez.

but, Residents view the operation with distrust And Coralito considers it a banker who, far from solving their daily economic problems, generates an even greater depreciation of the national currency and contributes to causing inflation.