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Queen Letizia is causing uproar by wearing a fake bag

Queen Letizia is causing uproar by wearing a fake bag

Since he came to the Spanish royal family, Queen Letizia It was distinguished by its good taste in the seasoning. Its appearance is always praised, both for festive and informal events. And not less. Her Majesty has the world’s finest designers at her fingertips and personality that helps her look great in everything she wears.

Of course, in addition to her high-end designs, we’ve also seen the Queen with pieces from affordable stores like Zara and Mango. Still, Letizia has been heavily criticized and all because of her looks.

Her Majesty is on vacation with her family in Palma de Mallorca where we have seen her with many great summer looks. It was exactly with one of those looks that the Queen carried a bag that got her into serious trouble. On a walk with her daughters and her husband, we saw Her Majesty in a relaxed blue dress, which she paired with cream sandals and a bag with an ikat or tongue pattern, traditional from Mallorca. The problem was that the bag she was carrying was counterfeit and as expected, this bothered the craftsmen in the area badly.

The white and blue bag is an imitation of those made by the island’s craftsmen and that the Queen carried it was an insult to them. This is why many criticized her and questioned her morals. In fact, Her Majesty also received a letter from Joanna Porras, President of Associació Moda Mallorca, who explained to her the great work of craftsmen to create the distinctive pattern and why this is so embarrassing for them.

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Raoul Terrell/Europe Press via Getty Images

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Raoul Terrell/Europe Press via Getty Images

Along with the letter, an original bag also arrived, one that the Queen decided to wear on her last outing, thus making up for her big mistake. We hope this fake bag will not be in Her Majesty’s collection and that next time you will be more careful when choosing your outfit.