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Qatar bothered to give Costa Rica a clue as to ‘how to thwart El Tri’

Qatar bothered to give Costa Rica a clue as to ‘how to thwart El Tri’

Rafael RamosESPN Digital Sports AnalystJuly 5, 2023, at 8:04 p.m. ETReading: 3 minutes.

Emmanuel Diaz Lil talks about his recovery and confirms the arrest of his attacker

Rafa Ramos interviewed in hospital the man who was stabbed in the Mexico-Qatar match. He mentioned the details of the attack and his health condition, and confirmed that the attacker had been arrested.

Santa Clara — Qatar lectured the rest of the Gold Cup teams on how to upset and frustrate the Mexican national team, but within threeready for whatever resource Costa Rica uses on Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

“The important thing is not to change our game plan (against the Ticos). Possession of the ball, possession, lots of movement noticed and most of all, never before have so many chances created to score, I think that has to be appreciated. Before, as a striker Had one, if any. Today, many scoring options are already being created, and the hard thing is to define them, but this will change things,” commented the presenter the Eagles From America, making it clear that he expects an opponent who will play very aggressively.

Martin stresses that the important thing against Costa Rica is to maintain the game plan and control possession.Getty Images

I admit it The State of Qatar He frustrates them, by his cunning, “which I understand are football things”, but the opponent “suggested nothing, they threw themselves in, they did the time”, and he explains that this made the Mexican teams very uncomfortable.

After generating 25 rounds against The State of Qatar Without being able to make use of anything on the scoreboard, Henry Martín proves that various resources are used to help the player, and emphasized the support of the psychology department of the three.

“Before lunch we had a psychology session. It was very good. No external issues were touched upon, but only what we had, because it is the most important thing. What we do on and off the field will be the result of everything we have been working on.”

“Personally, the psychological problem, which I did not focus on before, but since I started with this bad streak and it started going very badly for me, I have been looking for solutions and this has moved me forward. So, I agree one hundred percent with this topic (applied science self) and I’m glad it’s now (done), because before it wasn’t so focused on it, and although now it’s not mandatory, we pay a lot of attention to it and we do it with great pleasure and it will help us a lot, “explained the Liga MX scoring champion.

Henry Martin He said they had a clear goal of bringing the Gold Cup back to our country, and that “we will not stop until we have achieved it”.

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