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Protest of the new director of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UAdeC

Protest of the new director of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UAdeC

keep. – On Friday, the dean of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, Salvador Hernández Vélez, protested as the new director of the School of Political and Social Sciences in the Torreon Unit of the Bachelor Ricardo Jurado Rangel for the 2021-2024 period.

The ceremony was held at the Infoteca de Ciudad Universitaria de Torreón, and was attended by the Torreón Unit Coordinator, Sandra López Chavarria, as well as board members, former directors, students and teachers of the Faculty of Political Science. Science and Social.

In his message, the Rector congratulated the campus community for conducting a successful electoral process and urged the new Rector to continue working in the interest of promoting education in this Study Center, in the same way, urging students and teachers to provide support to Lic Ricardo Jurado in his administration.

Hernández Vélez said that the FCPyS community, by its very nature, “must come out to defend the community and the autonomy of the university, without prejudice, without imposing an ideology, without excluding anyone, and continuing to form a critical mass for the country and progress as a result of an immutable process.”

During the protest, University President Salvador Hernandez gave a founding pin to director Ricardo Jurado, as a symbol of identity and academic commitment to the university and the College of Political and Social Sciences, while Jurado Rangel thanked the campus community for voting. He promised to work on leading the institution on the right track in terms of educational quality and its relevance to the environment.

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He also indicated that it was time for the college to “re-establish itself and re-establish itself in the spirit of public opinion, based on its academic achievements, and highlight its constant proactive criticism of various problems, in addition to moving forward within the framework of the pandemic and future challenges,” the director commented. (The Herald)