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Presenting the exhibition "Latino Women in Science" - Metro Puerto Rico

Presenting the exhibition “Latino Women in Science” – Metro Puerto Rico

As part of the “Empowering the New Generation of Latinas in STEAM” initiative, the fair is being offered through December 2nd Latin Women in Science In the Nestor M. Rodríguez Rivera Library of the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras Campus (RRP-UPR). This project is an alliance between different research programs of the University of Puerto Rico, and its campuses in Río Piedras and Mayaguez.

The exhibition presents biographies of scientists at different stages of their careers, who have years of experience and are internationally recognized, such as doctors Ada Monzón, Greetchen Díaz, Carmen Zorrilla, Madeline Torres, Maribella Domenech, Carmen Maldonado, Keyla Soto, Maritza Barreto, Yomaria Pagan, Elvira Cuevas, Dalys Pinheiro, and Cariloz Diaz, among many others.

Similarly, this sample includes University of Puerto Rico high school students such as Estefanía Cortés and undergraduate and graduate students from UPR, Jeileen Luciano, Claudia Zuluaga, Alondra Rodríguez, and Liz Santiago. In total, the exhibition highlights 50 Latino scholars.

In addition to resumes, different scenarios and outfits that professionals use to create and discover are presented in their research spaces. Likewise, the exhibit features various prototypes created by scientists, including new devices for sustainable textiles created using macroalgae, and even a prototype sent to the International Space Station by graduate students in the Department of Chemistry, Alondra Rodriguez and Dr. Liz Santiago. .

“The main goal of our initiative and exhibition is to contribute to narrowing the gender gap, highlighting the contribution of various Latino scholars to science and the Sustainable Development Goals, while introducing the opportunities we have for young men and women interested in careers in STEAM,” expressed Professor and Researcher Dr. Liz M. Diaz Vasquez, President of the Alliance.

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The design of the exhibition was in charge of Dr. Diaz Vazquez and graduate students Gillen Luciano, Raisa de Jesús, Carlos Malca, Ermedes Chaves, Marelis Torres, Litsi Reles, Soraya Flores, Claudia Zuluaga and Iloes Pacheco. While a team from the tank-making workshop at the Río Piedras UPR campus contributed to the design of the exhibition showcases.

This effort is sponsored by the following research programs, which are affiliated with the University of Puerto Rico: NSF-CREST-CIRE2N, CAHREUS, CAWT, PRSPRINT, PR NASA Space Grant Consortium, RISE Program, PRLSAMP and the American Chemical Association of Puerto Rico chapter RICO-ACSPR.