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El Dr. Sarramona López afirmó, durante la ponencia que brindó a estudiantes de la UDLAP, que se debe tener presente en los objetivos de la educación el prepararse para un futuro incierto.

La Jornada – 78th anniversary of the UDLAP Department of Educational Sciences

“We must be aware that tragedies like Covid can also teach lessons. In educational matters, the closure of schools due to the pandemic has provided the opportunity to review their structure and operation.

One thing he has left behind is the increase in school dropouts, said Dr. Jom Saramona, professor emeritus at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​so the first task to be faced is to see what solutions can be offered to those students who have abandoned the system. During the able conference held within the framework of the 78th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP).

Dr. Claudia Maria commented: “Remembering and celebrating this history should not only mean celebrating, but remembering the future of this oath, to analyze the present and begin to chart the future with a shared vision of responsibility and commitment.” Ramirez Colibro, Academic Director of UDLAP’s Division of Educational Sciences, during the welcome at the memorial event; Where he promised, in addition, to “continue the educational mission of training specialists in the field of critical and purposeful education, in addition to academic excellence that maintains a global social and cultural vision, manifested in ethical behaviors, responsible for inclusion, respect and commitment, and always making sure that they will be a factor in development.” and transformation of our society.”

Dr. Cecilia Anaya Berrios, Interim Director of the University of Las Americas Puebla, was in charge of delivering the opening statement of the event, highlighting that education is one of the basic tools of the university and encouraging young people to ask, well, he said, questioning is a way to learn, to know and to understand, to be better The professionals that mexico requires.

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The program for the celebration of the 78th anniversary of the Department of Educational Sciences at UDLAP, consists of various activities such as a master’s lecture and talks with retired professors and with alumni of all academic programs taught in the department, in addition to an exhibition of posters of historical academic events implemented by the Department of Educational Sciences.

During his presentation to UDLAP students, Dr. Saramona Lopez emphasized that preparing for an uncertain future must be factored into the goals of education, enhancing the ability to respond to unexpected events and fostering a sense of responsibility.

Finally, he added, “One of the lessons that can most clearly be drawn from the pandemic is the fact that distance learning reveals students’ true ability to study in person and overcome difficulties.

The ability to learn is put to the test, and all it entails is the desire to learn, perseverance, discipline, willingness, and the ability to overcome difficulties; He concluded that all of this cannot be lost because it is the values, attitudes and habits that are necessary for our world.