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Praise for Brad Pitt from a South Korean Actress, Glenn Close Dance, and Other Oscars Moments |  Cinema |  entertainment

Praise for Brad Pitt from a South Korean Actress, Glenn Close Dance, and Other Oscars Moments | Cinema | entertainment

The 93rd Academy Awards were marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, and they were special for many reasons.

France Press agency

The 93rd Academy Awards were marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, and were private for many reasons. From the charming words of a 73-year-old South Korean actress to Brad Pitt to Glenn Close’s impromptu dance.These are the highlights.

In cabaret mode

Dim light, guests without masks but in limited groups, the jukebox Questlove Activation in the evening: Coronavirus has forced changes in the traditional party for Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences In Dolby Theater.

Also for the third year in a row, Awards were not the master of ceremonies, and therefore, there were no common jokes or leads.

The order of the awards has also changed. The award-winning statue for Best Picture didn’t close the party as usual, but it preceded the Oscars for best female and male performances.

Brad Pitt’s unexpected partner

The South Korean shouted, “Mr. Brad Pitt, at last!” Yoon Ye Jung After the American actor gave his statuette to the best actress the threatFilmed in the United States.

“Where were you while we were filming in Tulsa, Oklahoma?”She continued, while Pete watched her amusedly.

“I am honored to meet you”She said this is the crowning legend of South Korean cinema at the age of 73, 50 years after starting her career.

The conversation continued behind the scenes.

Greetings to the deceased daughter

El film Another tour (Another tourIt was suitable for the director’s daughter Thomas WinterbergEdda, 19, has taken her first steps as an actress.

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But an accident caused by a distracted driver cost the girl her life four days after the filming began.

“We ended up making this movie for her, as a memorial to her.”The Danish director said in tears when he received his award for Best International Film.

“This is a miracle that just happened and you are part of this miracle. Maybe you were pulling strings somewhere. But this is for you. Thank you very much.”.

Glenn Close se roba el show

It was the eighth nomination and also the eighth setback for Glenn Close who, at 74, was impressed once again for her role as a grieving grandmother in Hillbilly, A Country ElephantBut he came home empty-handed again.

Yoon Ye Jong, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress from Close, praised the singer with nearly 40 years of work.

How can I beat Glenn Close, the South Korean actress asked? “I think I was a little bit lucky.”

But Close did not lose her smile. And in the end he stole the show by guessing the R & B / Soul song Da pat! 1988, during a short competition between the actors, and ends up dancing to the song to everyone’s delight.

Three Mexicans are crowned

Best Sound of Metal winners for “Philip Blade, Carlos Curtis, Michelle Kotolink, and Jaime Bakhtt.” Photo: EFE

Mexico has ranked very prominently at the Oscars in recent years, with acclaimed and award-winning filmmakers and films.

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This year, three Mexican sound engineers won for their work on the film Metal sound: Carlos Curtis, Michel Kotolink, and Jaime Baskecht.

Thank you for realizing that sound is very important when making films. Baskkht said, speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony.

His colleague Curtis, who said he was “steeped in discrimination,” openly mentioned his home country: “I would like to thank Mexico for being a country where I was able to develop.”, He said. (I)