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Potential freedom for young Puerto Ricans detained in Mexico

Potential freedom for young Puerto Ricans detained in Mexico

The father of two young Puerto Ricans detained in Mexico for sexually abusing a young woman has promised to be released due to little evidence.

“Evidence that no one was there,” said Louis Sabada, the father of those arrested Telemundo.

He also revealed that the only thing that binds his children in this case is the testimony of the young woman.

Zapada commented that there was no conclusive evidence and that the arrest was illegal.

“Their rights have not been studied and their arrest has not been reported to the embassy,” Sabada added.

He explained that they were arrested by the security of the hotel where they were staying and were taken away by the municipal traffic police.


On June 28, authorities arrested two young Puerto Rican men for sexually abusing a woman in Mexico.

The young men were on vacation with their families in Cancun at a hotel on the Riviera Maya.

In an interview with Notiono, their father, Louis Sabada, pointed out that the hotel where they were staying was in Barcelona, ​​and that they were leaving for the city on June 22 on vacation.

In an interview with Normando Valentin, the father of Puerto Rican pointed out that his children had met the victim at a play bar, where he approached his brother.

“They were there until it closed, it was closed at 2am because they were out there and in the hotel grounds because at that moment the woman was coming out screaming, with a horrible show, they both raped Puerto Ricans and so on. They called the hotel security. , They call us because we came to that place because they are being interrogated and they have been arrested and at this time the police, the municipal police and nothing, they are being arrested without telling us it was almost 3am (Monday 28 early morning) and they are being taken away by barrage , Without telling us anything, “They have to go there”, without telling us anything, because we didn’t know what was there, we talked to the hotel staff and they arranged a taxi for us. They did, ”Zapada said in a radio interview.

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