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Pope Francis accepts Benito Angeles' resignation due to his age

Pope Francis accepts Benito Angeles' resignation due to his age

he Pope Francisco Before the resignation of the Auxiliary Bishop of Santo Domingo, Msgr Benito AngelesHe was asked to adhere to the work regulations until he reached the age of 75 years.

“he Pope Francisco Before the resignation submitted by His Eminence Msgr Ramon Benito Angeles Fernandez “As auxiliary bishop of Santo Domingo,” according to a statement published by the church Dominican Episcopal Conference (sir).

He goes on to explain that “in the Code of Canon Law, every bishop is required to resign from the office entrusted to him upon reaching the age of 75.”

Benito Angeles This Sunday he reached the minimum age set by canon law and the acceptance of his resignation was published the next day.

Angels, that's happening Honorary BishopHe is also the dean of the university Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD) and Episcopal Vicar of Santo Domingo Este of the Diocese of Santo Domingo.

In February of this year, Spanish media reported that the Vatican was conducting an investigation into Angeles Fernandez, after accusations were brought against him related to the case. Sexual assault Still small of age, a fact that would have been achieved in 1994.

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