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Polo Carrera: "Gustavo Alvaro's speech is running out and this is where the players get confused" |  football |  Sports

Polo Carrera: “Gustavo Alvaro’s speech is running out and this is where the players get confused” | football | Sports

The team led by DT Alfaro has forgotten to win official matches in the past eight months.

The 2021 Copa America ended with stripping Ecuador, which has been facing a severe negative series since the qualifying rounds, with few victories and increasing doubts about its access to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“Ecuador did not have a good performance or balance, but above all it did not have a football structure,” former player and national coach Paulo Carrera told AFP.

Ecuador’s farewell to the Copa America with Brazil ended without winning a single match in five performances, and only three draws; He scored five goals and nine.

On Saturday, he left the tricolor team with a 3-0 win over Argentina led by Lionel Messi, to be eliminated in the quarter-finals, an example of which he reached fourth place of his group in the first stage, just ahead of Venezuela, which has been decimated by the COVID-19 infection. .

The team led by coach Gustavo Alvaro has forgotten to win official matches in the past eight months.

Before the defeat to the Alps, the tricolor drew (1-1) with Brazil, Peru (2-2) and Venezuela (2-2), after losing (1-0) with Colombia in the oldest championship in the world. At the national level, which has always been elusive.

“In Copa America we saw how Peru and Colombia improved, and even Venezuela left a good picture, but we didn’t, and what is coming is more difficult,” Carrera said.

Alvaro without rewards

Before the Copa America, Ecuador fell to Brazil (2-0) and Peru (2-1) in the race to Qatar 2022.

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To start straightening their path, the tricolor team will face the next round of the World Cup in September when they host Paraguay in Quito and then visit Uruguay.

The rewards and honors in Alvaro’s coffers are exhausted and criticism rages.

Carrera noted that Argentine player DT is responsible and said that “the coach’s speech is running out and this is where the players get confused.”

Fortune has been endorsing the tricolor in the last two World Cup qualifying rounds. The mistakes of others helped him stay in third place with 9 points.

“Ecuador has become a predictable team for its rivals, which is strong, fast and unstoppable,” explained Polo, a former La Liga de Quito and Pinarol player from Uruguay in the 1970s.

AGAINST ARGENTINA “The time was lost to respect a lot and then a complete confusion arose, bye Copa America…”, the reaction of EL UNIVERSO columnist Mario Canesa.

pile to correct

“We had the opportunity to spend a month with the players, and I watched developments from the first match to the last,” DT Gustavo Alvaro was relieved to experience the cup.

But he cautioned, “I obviously have a lot of things to work on and get right.”

Although he is excited for a great start on the journey to the World Cup with three consecutive victories after his impressive debut against Argentina, which they won 1-0 with a penalty kick from Messi himself.

“You can’t do more than just think about everything that’s coming, which is very important,” replied on Twitter, the Argentine-origin goalkeeper Hernan Galendez, who participated in the last Brazil 2021 matches.

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Captain and sports analyst Canisa added: “Now we are waiting for the qualifying rounds to see if it is clear or not yet?” Addressing the national coach, he was heavily reprimanded throughout the tournament. (Dr)