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Pokémon Presents may have leaked its first trailer, and it would be a dream come true

Pokémon Presents may have leaked its first trailer, and it would be a dream come true

The Pokémon Presents announcement hides details that point to a possible announcement. Are 'those' remakes coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Pokémon Company announced today Pokemon gifts Which will be broadcast on the occasion of next Pokemon Day February 27. The company revealed the first details of this event, but it may have revealed the announcement of one of its games by mistake. It seems that after many years New edition of Pokemon gold and silver To switch It could be a reality.

The main clue was left out by the announcement of the presentation itself. Through its official YouTube channels, the company He posted a short clip revealing the date and time of the impending Pokémon Presents. Nothing would be out of the ordinary if it were not for the aforementioned video description to appear when you refer to the aforementioned video description Related to the game Pokemon gold and silver.

It could be a mistake. When you post this type of content, YouTube allows you to customize a game for it to make it easier to locate when searching for videos in its search engine. It would make sense if the company linked this video to Pokemon red and blueon condition Pokémon Day celebrates the launch of the first generation games. In fact, the song playing in this ad goes with the credits of the games mentioned.

However, they chose Generation II, one of the most beloved among players and one that already featured what many consider to be the best Pokémon remake in history. This may or may not be a clue, but Pokémon Presents has already sparked a title that fans have been dreaming about for years. Will we get new versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver on Nintendo Switch? Below you can watch the video of the dispute:

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