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PHOTOS: Anger in social networks over the name "Hello" in Santa Ana

PHOTOS: Anger in social networks over the name “Hello” in Santa Ana

The Twitter community with photos and videos scored a big misspelled flag at one of the entrances to the Heroic City. Netizens demanded “more books and fewer guns” to educate the population.

On Monday evening, hundreds of users began circulating images from one of the entrances to the city of Santa Ana, the head of the department of the same name. In the photographic materials you can see a large illuminated banner with the words “Welcome to Santa Anna.”

One tweet read: “Can someone from #SantaAna confirm this photo is true please? I still can’t believe it.” Dozens of responses immediately began pouring in, expressing astonishment, anger, and shame. “I refuse to believe it!!! I can’t confirm it yet but I have to say we don’t all have bad spelling,” another user replied.

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Illustrative, non-commercial photo capture https://twitter.com/Ruth_Lopez1977/status/1417308886344904713?s=20

Within minutes, more tweets began appearing confirming the label’s authenticity. Pictures from different angles attest that the poster was placed despite a notable misspelling. “Straight Filament: The maker of the art. The one who approved it. The person who made the words for that phrase,” he tweeted.

Users of the Blue Bird social network were concerned and disturbed by what had happened and blamed the municipality for such a designation. “Every mistake that governments make, whether central or local, costs people money. Every mistake has a cost to people.

Some mistakes are so serious, like putting all the power in the hands of too few people, this mistake will pay dearly,” another Twitter user confirmed.

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At around 8:52 PM, a video was posted showing a group of men removing the word “hello”. The tweeters also highlighted that early Monday and thanks to pressure on social networks, the cyan-painted traffic lights were removed in the municipality of Zaragoza, La Libertad province.

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Illustrative, non-commercial photo capture https://twitter.com/Ruth_Lopez1977/status/1417308886344904713?s=20

At 9:24 p.m., the Santa Ana Mayor’s Twitter account posted a tweet separating himself from the installation of said sign. I want to inform that this sign at the entrance to Santa Ana was not put up by the municipality. Gustavo Acevedo, the mayor of the New Ideas party, said it was installed by scffedecaces Cooperatives and it was removed due to an apparent misspelling. The mayor added in a second tweet: “It is very unfortunate that it is a very prestigious company that does not speak out and that it is the municipality that has to clarify this unfortunate situation.”

On Tuesday morning, Fedacaces took to his Facebook account to explain what had happened. “We refer to the situation caused by the decoration and illumination of the ring of Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero in Santa Ana. As a company we regret what happened, our supplier was responsible, not sending or informing us at the time of placing the lighting letters, for approval yesterday,” the foundation announced.

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Illustrative, non-commercial photo capture https://twitter.com/Jairomartinez87/status/1417339278825246724?s=20

Noting the agonizing misspelling, the appropriate correction was made the same night. In this sense, we apologize to all Santana residents and the municipal authorities for the inconvenience that has occurred. Our goal as the FEDECACES Collaborative Network has been to provide something that indicates such important dates for the entire city of Santa Ana; it is up to to the supplier to manage the respective permits to follow up on the placement. They noted that we as an organization regret the eviction of the decoration and lighting at Redondel, bearing in mind that our only goal has always been to provide support and color for these dates even in difficult times.”

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