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Patrick Mahomes beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl

Season 2023-2024 National Football League (NFL) ended with a win Kansas City Chiefs 22-25 vs San Francisco 49ers In extra time to achieve his third victory Vince Lombardi Trophy The second in a row. What was done? Patrick MahomesDuring his fourth appearance in power It led him past one of the best midfielders in league history.

After recording a great performance, Captain Heads He joins a select roster of five quarterbacks with at least three championships. Tom Brady (7), Joe Montana (4), Terry Bradshaw (4), Troy Aikman (4) The last one MahomesThey are the only ones who achieved this before they turned thirty.

Mahomes made history in the Super Bowl

Finally a season Kansas City It wasn't the best during the first half of the league, as the offense looked unusually inconsistent, as well as including 44 drops by receivers, worst in the NFL. However Vince Lombardi Trophy It represents a great end to the season, although it is not the same dominant team as previous years.

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