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Cuban boxer Frank Sanchez is undefeated

Cuban boxer Frank Sanchez is undefeated

he Cuban boxing Once again through the wide door, Frank Sanchez He saw the work. the Cuban boxers In general at the conclusion of this 2023 They came out far ahead of their competitors. Although it is often Rubizzi Ramirez fell before “Divine” EspinosaOthers managed to win. In case Murrell Jr. He clearly took control of his fight, and finished it ko Against his competitor. They did it the same way Andy Cruz and Eunice Tellezwho also sent their competitors to the canvas.

Experienced boxer Julio Cesar La Cruzfor whoever does it Tamers of Cuba, won his belt unanimously. instead of Lazaro Alvarez Can't add to Cuban boxing belt after losing his fight.advertisements

with Lights and shadowshe Cuban boxing He always reaches the astral levels where he has been for many years. Every day there are more fighters becoming professionals. All with the goal of being world champions and following in the footsteps of other great boxers on the island.

Cuban Boxing: Frank Sanchez delivered another knockout to defeat Junior Fa

Cuban heavyweight Frank Sanchez (23-0, 16 KO) witnessed this Saturday vs Junior Va (20-2, 11 Cor.). The exhibition was held on a bulletin board Doomsday, Celebrate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From the first round Frank Sanchez Lean on it jab To put his opponent in his place.

From the fifth round onwards he increased the frequency of his strikes and his striking Junior Va. He dropped him on the canvas three times, and the third time was responsible for it prominent ku. The strike occurred in Seventh roundWhere he left his competitor without a chance.

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Therefore, the Cuban boxing representative left a record 24-0 with 17 KO's. For his part, Junior Fa was 20-3 and 11 KOs.