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Panfilo joins the debate on power and fuel plants in Cuba

Panfilo joins the debate on power and fuel plants in Cuba

The Cuban government extended the possibility of importing non-commercial power plants until March 31, 2024.

Luis Silva spoke about power plants and fuel shortages. In this article we tell you.

This measure aims to alleviate the energy situation in the country, which is characterized by continuous power outages. As is known, the extension applies to air, sea, postal and postal shipments, and includes power plants with a capacity greater than 900 watts.

Travelers to Cuba can import up to two power plants as part of their accompanied baggage, on the order of $1,000 per year. Some online platforms that have agreements with the Cuban state, such as Bazar Virtual, offer them at prices around US$390.

But the import of power plants to Cuba, although becoming more flexible, faces difficulty in obtaining fuel.

In August 2022, CIMEX announced that gasoline sales to factory owners would be limited to just 10 litres, depending on its availability in CUPETs. A year later, the Havana government required a permit signed by the municipal mayor to purchase fuel in containers of up to 20 litres, adding another hurdle to an already complex situation.

Panfilo: Gas and energy stations in Cuba

Cuban actor Luis Silva, who plays Panfilo in the popular comedy show Vivir del Cuento, uploaded a video to Instagram Where he “reflects” with Chequera and Isidoro on these topics.

“I told Inderita, thank her, she was going to send me the power plant, she already sent it to me, but now they don't let us put gasoline in these tanks to fill the plant. I can't bring the plant. Anytime they say in stores that to buy toilet paper you have to bring the toilet. “It can't be,” he said.

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He also pointed out the number of cards in Cuba. “Gas cards, MLC cards, CUP cards. They passed a decree to unify the currency, and in a few years they will have to pass a decree to reunify the cards.”

Many of Silva's followers thanked the post and expressed their interest in the return of the popular comedy show. Vivir del Cuento will soon return to Cuban television. “We are working on it,” Silva confirmed on Instagram. “We are still in the script writing stage.”