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Nitrous oxide increases power in the car: fact or myth?

Nitrous oxide increases power in the car: fact or myth?

For car and speed enthusiasts, having a more powerful car is one of their greatest wishes. Some drivers are looking for items Improve the speed of their carsAmong them is nitrous oxide, which gives a little more power when driving at high speeds.

Those who are starting out in the automotive world and want to adjust the power of their cars are wondering if nitrous oxide works or is it just a fantasy. Famous in movies for the incredible speed that cars get when I use them, but… do they really work?

Fact or myth about nitrous oxide?

The operation of nitrous oxide is that it enters the air intake system to maintain a cool, optimal temperature for engine function. This can result in a fairly large power boost that can vary depending on Engine power from 40hp to 500hp or more horsepower for a few seconds.

Nitrogen helps make cars go faster.
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Advantages of nitrous oxide

  • It is an economical component to increase the power of the vehicle compared to other modifications.
  • Makes the engine not overheat at maximum power.
  • You do not need to use large amounts of nitrous oxide to increase the power.

Disadvantages of nitrous oxide

  • You have to charge it several times, it doesn’t last long when you use it.
  • The use of nitrous oxide is illegal in some countries.
  • Not all workshops work with this system. There are few specialists to make these adjustments.
  • Excessive use of nitrous oxide can corrode some parts and cause serious engine damage.
  • If the system crashes during operation, it may cause an explosion.
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The use of nitrous oxide must be stabilized by professionals. It is also recommended that you know how to use and misuse it, as it can cause accidents if you are driving at high speeds.

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