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A woman donates the contents of 150 packages she received by mistake to hospitals

A woman donates the contents of 150 packages she received by mistake to hospitals

(CNN) – A New York woman decided to give back to the community and donated the contents of 150 mistakenly delivered home Amazon packages to local hospitals.

Gillian Cannan told CNN that she began receiving packages at her home on June 5, believing it was related to her work.

“I thought my partner had ordered something for our studio that we were expecting on a backdrop,” he said. “So I opened them to squeeze boxes and realized they were mask carriers.”

Kinan sent a picture of her partner asking her why she was asking for so much, only to find that neither she nor her partner had requested it.

“So I went back and ticked the boxes and it’s my address, not my name,” he said.

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Cannan thought Amazon packages were weird, but he thought it was a small mistake, until more started showing up.

He called Amazon and explained the situation, they asked him to keep the packages and write a bug report.

Parcels began to arrive frequently and from various carriers, including UPS and the Postal Service.

“So one day I got all the packages from my gate and left. I got a phone call maybe an hour later from my best friend’s mom. She said, ‘Just so you know there are a lot of packages in your driveway.’” You can’t even see your front door.

Cannan contacted Amazon again, but no one was able to tell if the packages were part of a scam or just a common mistake.

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Cannan said Amazon has gone to great lengths to try to stop parcels arriving. She and her husband even tried to turn them down at one point, with no luck.

More and more Amazon packages

“Then the platforms started arriving in the cargo trucks at our entrance,” he said.

In the end, Amazon figured out who should get the mask holders. So Canaan and his partner thought of one way to use it: donate it to local hospitals.

They both have a study on craftsmanship and creativity, so they decided to use baby pads to create hand mask kits for patients at their local children’s hospital.

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To make it even better, the duo asked Amazon to donate the rest of the supplies to annoy Canan, and the company agreed.

Kanaan said other companies are also cooperating.

Cannan outlines the number of kits hospitals want and hope to collect this week. In addition, he is talking with other hospitals in the area to donate the rest.

“The project has taken on a life of its own and it is great that people want to give back and do something,” Kanaan said. “With all that’s going on now, it’s crazy how all this happened.”