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Nicolas Maduro's regime abolished five political parties to limit the opposition's chances in the July 28 elections.

Nicolas Maduro's regime abolished five political parties to limit the opposition's chances in the July 28 elections.

A woman casts her vote at an election center in Caracas (EFE/Rayner Peña R./File)

he National Electoral Council (CNE) from Venezuelawhich responds to the system Nicolas Maduro, – Abolition of five political parties Before the elections scheduled for July 28. in this way, It limits the opposition's ability to nominate its candidates.

Blocked groups are Convergence, Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Movement for Venezuela (MPV), Party of Union and Understanding (PUENTE), and GENTE Party.. With this decision, Only two parties remain for the opposition Certified: Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT).

According to what he published We are watching, MUD sharing is also at risk Because Friday is Chavista Louis Ratti He announced that he would appear before the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to request…Invalidity“on your card taking into account that”This is not a political party“.

The same source added that the liquidation of opposition papers takes place after the beginning of the press week The big village, Alejandro HernandezYou will be notified aboutPossible movement of the systemwith approval Manuel Rosales“, so that the National Electoral Council cancels the MUD, Convergencia and Movimiento por Argentina cards from the ticket and only the UNT card remains the only option for the opposition candidate.”

After the controversy raised by the complaint… The National Union of Workers denied that the party was amenable to the regime's “theatrics.”. However, on Friday the Rector of the CNE He voted in favor of canceling the papers of other opposition parties.

Dictator Nicolas Maduro seeks to remain in power

Before the new Chavista maneuver became known, Democratic Unionist Platform The Unity and Democracy Party, the main opposition coalition in Venezuela, denounced the National Electoral Council for what it described as “Non-compliance“From the schedule set for the next day Presidential election.

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According to the anti-Chavista coalition, “Not approvedThe twelfth activity specified in the schedule relates to the “Decision on the Status of Organizations with Political Purposes Approved” – which was created “illegally” – although it was scheduled for this Thursday March 14.

We condemn the failure of the National Elections Commission to comply with its timetableWe demand that the relevant law be respected and that all organizations be immediately empowered to exercise political purposes without any kind of bias.

He also stressed that the Electoral College “Violates his own schedule The instructions for this have not yet been approved Special process for the electoral register“, while “invitations to International observers“.

Last week, the president of the CNE, Elvis AmorusoHe confirmed that the institution affiliated with the Maduro regime sent invitations to various missions to monitor the elections, including a mission to Venezuela. European Union (European Union).

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado was excluded from participating in the elections (EFE/MIGUEL GUTIÉRREZ)

The anti-Chavista platform also questioned that the “random electoral table” had not yet been “published in… Electoral newspaperas legally appropriate.”

We Venezuelans want to vote and there will be no maneuver that prevents the expression of the majority's desire for change“Added the Democratic Union Party, which hopes that its presidential candidate, the former MP, will win Maria Corina Machadocan compete in the elections, despite his disqualification imposed by the Chavez dictatorship from holding popularly elected office until 2036, a measure approved by the government. Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), controlled by Maduro.

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The opposition's chief negotiator at the dialogue tables with the regime said, Gerardo BladeHe denounced on Friday that the timeline was unfair, so he expects corrections from the National Election Commission.

During an interview with private radio Broadcasting Unionstressing that “The world will see these elections“So he hopes.”There are corrections that can still be made today“, such as allowing the nomination of Machado as the standard bearer of the opposition majority.

Regarding the steps that must be followed in light of the disqualification of Machado – who will not be able to register between the 21st and 25th, the period set by the National Electoral Council for submitting nominations – he said that the former representative “We will decide with PUD what strategy and tactics will be followed in this operation“.