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New Jersey College Named Best Health College in the Country - NBC New York (47)

New Jersey College Named Best Health College in the Country – NBC New York (47)

Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken received the prestigious award Action Minds Healthy Complex 2022which recognizes Stevens’ commitment to the physical and mental health of its students and to being “one of the healthiest universities in the country”. active minds is a leader in its support of mental health awareness and education for young people.

“A focus on students is a core value at Stevens, and we have worked hard to put this principle into practice through interdisciplinary initiatives that prioritize and promote student health, mental health and safety,” said Nariman Farvardin, President of Stevens Institute of Technology. “Be recognised active minds As one of the healthiest university campuses in the country is a modest recognition of our efforts.”

Over the past decade, under the leadership of President Farvardin and with the support of the Board of Directors, Stevens has made the mental health and well-being of its students a priority. A mental health task force was created and its recommendations implemented. These included: Increased access to student care. A strong referral network that assists students with long-term care; and additional community initiatives, such as warning sign workshops and regular check-in with students.

across the Stevens Wellness TeamA comprehensive, coordinated and holistic approach to wellness has been developed. Psychological counseling and psychological services (CAPS), health education, health, and disability services are brought together in a state-of-the-art facility, further catering to students’ needs. stevens sports medicine It is also part of this integrated effort to nurture students.

The Health Campus Award Review Committee cited the following practices for Stevens as necessary for its recognition:

  • Prioritizing a collective strategic approach.
  • Commitment to sustainable systems changes and long-term policy-oriented solutions.
  • Address emerging issues.
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Stevens Institute of Technology Alison Malmon, CEO and founder of active minds. “Stevens is a model for prioritizing mental health among students through the use of innovative policy and systems change to prevent distress on campus.”

Stevens’ efforts to raise awareness of her approach to wellness begin with student orientation and include programs throughout the year. A special program for parents is held on the weekend of the family and orientation. Also, for all new students, there are mandatory sessions on mental health. Stevens’ primary wellness focus is on campus-wide partnership and collaboration and includes efforts through residential education, student life, Greek life, and diversified education.

“At Stevens, we focus on fostering a sense of community and creating pathways for each student to find their place within our campus environment,” said Sarah Klein, associate vice president for student affairs. “This requires a coordinated effort by faculty, staff, and students to facilitate a shared culture of wellness, inclusion, and student success. The pandemic has certainly increased the need for student support and participation, even though these ideas have been at the core of our mission and values ​​for many years.”