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Nassib Neme: Emelec has no interest in hiring Alexander Dominguez or Kevin Mercado |  Football  Sports

Nassib Neme: Emelec has no interest in hiring Alexander Dominguez or Kevin Mercado | Football Sports

The Blue Boss ruled out the arrival of players of three colors in the end.

After Necaxa was unable to enter the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 Mexican soccer tournament, the site ESPN 48 hours ago, he published, regarding Kevin Mercado, that “both Emelec and Liga de Quito will seek to add the Ecuadorian player.” Additionally, as Alexander Dominguez’s business relationship with Velez Sarsfield was nearing an end, there was talk in several media outlets in Quito about the prospect of the goalkeeper returning to the country to become a millionaire.

Once the LigaPro passbook reopens on June 14 through July 14, national teams will be able to sign up for Stage Two. This newspaper consulted Nassib Naim about the possible arrival of Mercado and Dominguez: the leader drove them out.

“Both news are completely wrong. We have no interest in any of these players. We are convinced of the quality of our employees and the growth they can still develop. “They still have a performance cap in May,” Nim said of the releases that put Dominguez and Mercado in blue orbit. “We are focusing on the match with Guayaquil City, not on the signings that we really don’t need. We are well covered in both positions, goalkeepers, wings and passes in the wing,” he added.

Depending ESPNAfter three very good seasons at Necaxa, LigaPro clubs will now seek out Mercado. The striker arrived at the Liga MX in 2018 and in the middle of the year (2021) his contract expires, and this position will be capitalized on by the light bulb, who will be interested in increasing The attack on Mercado. ” The truth is, the 26-year-old striker did not make a good run on the clausura: he played 11 out of 17 matches and scored no goals. Since he was in Nykaxa, he has two goals, according to specialist portal Transfermarkt.

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Niemi spoke of a 2-0 South American Cup defeat to Bragantino. “It is the second match that Emelec has fallen and it is the first away loss of the whole year. In Group G he is the leader, with 7 points; Bragantino follows us with a score of 6. But the Brazilians have already played all of their home matches and what remains for them will visit them. Emelec has already played all the matches. Outside home and only one in Capwell, and yet he is captain. He will conclude with two matches, in Guayaquil, where he will secure a pass to the next round, “he predicted.

‘Not moan’

However, he agreed that “in Brazil we did not have a good match, especially because we did not have defensive strength. Lucas Sosa did not give a good game, he had no reaction and was very physically handicapped. In the disclaimer, it must be said that he is In the past 48 hours, he suffered from clinical problems that weakened him, but despite this, Sosa was arrested for playing and fighting for 90 minutes, without fainting or moaning. “

Niemi referred to the domestic tournament: “At LigaPro we are the leaders, with two points over Barcelona. We hope to determine with them the winner of the stage. Our goal is to win the first stage. “

The manager was consulted about the lack of a lecturer at African Las Bangura, and said, “He was not able to adapt. Many players in their positions are doing much better, and in Emelec it is difficult to play if another player overtakes you.” Facundo Barcelo, who was injured in front of Bragantino, said in the 28th minute: “It’s okay. The tests show no injuries and are available to the technician.” (Dr)

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