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How does Chivas reach Repechage? Panorama towards Liguilla MX 2022Mediotiotiempo

The last two losses in MX . League Reduce the margin of error for chivason the Saturday before blue cross In need of victory, if he wants to play the role of accessory in Inaugural Championship 2022 As a local, since the format is a single game.

What position can Chivas secure heading to Leguela?

The holy flock You can reach the sixth place and aspire even if you start from it Appendix And to advance to the quarter-finals, to play Vuelta at home, hence the importance of leaving Aztec Stadium In view of blue cross With 3 units, and of course with a little help from America.

What happens if Chivas wins?

Even with victory Chivas does not guarantee sixth place, since then they have 22 points; get over blue cross I’ll put it at 25, but to stay in sixth place, it depends on what Toluca s Puebla Do not win their duels (hence the help of the eagles).

Seventh place will be for goats If you beat blue cross, The Red Devils won at home Xolos from Tijuana s margin Del Puebla draw or lose with America. yes Chivas Wins, Toluca and Puebla as well, Team Guadalajara will finish eighth.

What happens if Chivas are tied?

with a tie vs. MachineAnd the Chivas He will remain with 23 points And the risk of conflict visit repechageWell, if Leon wins Tijuana, the number will reach 24 units and will overtake the inhabitants of Guadalajara; The challenger will be Cruz Azul or La Vieira.

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What happens if Chivas loses?

Defeat will send him to the tenth place and there will greatly complicate the way to approach the final stage, because he will always open in Akron Stadium In this scenario, a competitor chivas will come out of blue crossLeon, Mazatlan FC, Atletico de San Luis or necaxabut it will depend on the latest results.

if he holy flock fall with him blue cross, will remain by 22 points, will be overtaken by La Maquina and the local in Repechage will be just a wish; Also with the win necaxa They will reach it with the same result, the goal difference will make those from Guadalajara ahead of those from Aguascalientes. With this last scenario, blue crossOr Puebla or Leon will leave your opponent.

About to quarrel in Round 17And the chivas They are in eighth place with 22 points and so far rival Lyon will be playing in the re-ranking at Akron Stadium.

Is it appropriate for Chivas to play at home after the Grupo Firme party?

Another attendant factor chivas It will be a matter of field condition Akron Stadiumwhich on Friday 23 September and Saturday 24 September held a double concert for Grupo Firme, and although they took care of the stadium, they still unknown.

On March 29 of the same year 2022, the band bad play appeared in the same place and the lawn from chivas house He sustained serious damage And it took a long time to recover; This has undoubtedly affected the Guadalajara team.

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