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NASA posts videos of Curiosity on Mars

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NASA released videos recorded by Curiosity of Mars.

The laboratory Turbo boost NASA has released videos recorded by the Curiosity rover On Mars. They are pictures where they are appreciated red planet panorama, while the unmanned robot climbs up the mountain.

The images recorded by the Curiosity spacecraft correspond to July 3, 2021. On that day, 3167 of its mission to the planet, it climbed Mount Sharp, which is 8 thousand meters high and falls within the Gale crater account. It has a site with a width of 154 kilometers.

And NASA explained in the statement, which it published on its website, that the place where the rover is located is winter. This allows the air to be free of dust and makes it easier to see the unmanned robot’s camera records.

As reported by the US space agency, Curiosity is in an area rich in clay material, an area dominated by salty minerals called sulfates. The slope of Mount Sharp is estimated to be the oldest part of Gale Crater.

It should be noted that the images published by NASA made a huge impact on the media and social media. This Tuesday, hundreds of Twitter users shared videos recorded by Curiosity.

Website to view the full gallery of Curiosity images

NASA has made available a gallery of Mastcam images of Curiosity. Any user can estimate it from home by entering mars.nasa.gov.

There he perceives the activity of the robot, whose new task is to dig up rocks to examine the composition of their materials and thus determine how the transition from the phase dominated by clay minerals to the predominance of sulfates occurs.

“Day of landing remains one of the happiest days of my career. We are driving a robot while exploring another planet. It is rewarding to see how new discoveries and scientific findings guide everyday activities,” said Megan Richardson Lane, new mission manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. Extremely.

Curiosity is now embarking on an exploration of “Mount Rafael Navarro,” named after one of the expedition’s early scientists who died a few years earlier.

Curiosity’s goal on Mars

Abigail Freeman, Curiosity project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, noted that the purpose of the rover on Mars is to study the planet’s soil and weather conditions.

“The rocks here will begin to reveal to us how this formerly wet planet turned into the dry Mars of today, and how long habitable environments last after this happens,” the scientist said.

Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012. At the time, NASA wanted to investigate possible microbial life that might have harbored Mars, when there were still rivers and watersheds in that region. The agency based its surveys on Gale Crater.

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