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Miriam Germán dice no se puede actuar “administrando justicia para las gradas”

Myriam German says you can’t act ‘to do justice in the stands’

The Prosecutor of the Republic, Myriam Germain Prieto, stated that it is not possible to act “Doing justice in the stands” On the contrary, one should stay away from it “Everything is screaming there”.

The judge made this remark when referring to the parallel between The right to punish the state And the rights of the accused offender in terms of his status as a person, one of the topics he addressed during his conference “The functions of the public prosecution from a constitutional point of view”, in the ninth edition of the Lexunip 2022 exhibition.

In the framework of the activity organized by the Unibe, German Britto highlighted the importance of applying non-custodial measures in order to achieve a greater balance between the right of the state to punish and the individual rights of those who violate criminal offences. Law.

“You can’t choose my favorite bastard as I take him down, The lawyer said.

Myriam German Britto noted that only by carefully practicing criminal procedures and respecting safeguards, Greater reliability guaranteed When the results are produced.

Similarly, the main representative of the Criminal Procedure Engine, the Public Prosecution Office (MP), stated that the control of crimes It’s more than just a trial of cases It is an instrument that fulfills the “essential purposes of the social and democratic state of law”.

The prosecutor also said that the effective fight against crime Requires a range of different toolsTherefore, criminal investigation mechanisms, criminal decongestion strategy, use of alternative exits, attention to victims and witnesses, forensic studies on the cause of crime and the practical implications of criminal law must be an essential part of democratic criminal policy.

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“On the contrary, the traditional strategies would be out of context,” he added.

Likewise, German Britto confirmed it Criminal process is only one option that the state relies on to resolve disputes and “Not necessarily the most effective means.”

In this sense, he said that the representative should choose among a series of alternatives to the criminal policy according to the specific case and after budget, the criminal policy, the interests at stake and the possibilities of achieving harmony about the validity of the substantive right.

“This means that the goals of the peaceful coexistence of the state can be well achieved through mechanisms other than criminal coercion,” Al-Qadhi argued, emphasizing that with these statements she did not refer to extremely serious crimes or grave harm against society.

As mentioned that k “The accusation involves great responsibility” Due to the effects of the sentence itself, it requires verbs “with an enormous load of common sense, proportionality and reasonableness.”