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MX League.  Juan Reynuso in the face of criticism: "I don't need to be fired"

MX League. Juan Reynuso in the face of criticism: “I don’t need to be fired”

Mexico City /

John Renoso Cruz Azul coach, He defended his team against criticism He explained that beyond the evidence He knows what is required in the institution And when he sees he’s not doing a good job, he steps aside.

“We have it very clear in football, if you see a lazy team, I don’t contribute; If you see that I’m a problem, I don’t need to be fired, Don’t worry about it,” the strategist commented at a conference at the end of tonight’s game.

DT even commented that both social networks and the media are looking for it Make closing this regular cycle more dangerous After they have in their hands the direct classification and let him go to Defeat against Atlético San Luis.

“I imagine many of them are very creative in trying to make the moment worse, in the networks and in the media, but we have to be in the know what we did and what we did wrong, so as not to make it dramatic.”

goals scored and received

In the last nine matches, including the CONCACAF Champions League,Machine He only scored five times and got seven Goals; Regarding this situation, the Peruvian confirmed that his team did so Increase game size Compared to their competitors, but they still could not determine in time.

“How many goals they scored against us, we had to give ourselves more time and not determine, if we see for sure, the size we carry, which we did not reflect in the result is the truth, You must have what chicken puts on, football is like thathe commented.

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