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Motagua plans to appeal "Chino" Lopez's red card;  President Eduardo Atala opposed!

Motagua plans to appeal “Chino” Lopez’s red card; President Eduardo Atala opposed!


motagua 3-0 crush in the first leg of The great conclusion From Honduras football to Royal Spain with goals from Robert MoreiraAnd Angel Tejeda And Evan LopezThe latter was expelled to celebrate his goal by the central referee Melvin Matamoros.

Chino came off the bench and after a clever help from Tejeda, all three scored goalless in the first leg of the tournament’s final. Closure – 2022However, the attacker was ejected.

In the first place, a file Chino Lopez He took off his shirt in celebration and there he was already automatically given a yellow card and then went to stand in front of the team bench. Royal Spain The center of the defense considered it a provocation and took the second yellow card from him at the same moment. Disqualified.

However, the leadership motagua He is planning to appeal the player’s red card since a video was posted on social networks where the player is seen celebrating in the stands and at no time trying to provoke the opponent’s bench, and is in fact not interacting with the little boy’s celebration.

The leadership will meet this afternoon to resume the expulsion Evan LopezBut the boss Eduardo Atala He opposes resorting to this case because he believes it would set a bad precedent for arbitrators.

“For me, no one should appeal to the lack of seriousness in the celebration, and not only did he take off his shirt because he also left in front of the Real Madrid bench when he was celebrating at Sol Norte, there was nothing Chino did ‘there’,” says Blue’s hierarchy. Cyclone honestly.

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The opinion of the President of the Capital Club is a personal opinion, not an opinion motaguaBecause the decisions are made together, but for him the expulsion of the blue player should not be justified.

“He knew very well that this was a 180-minute game and that the work was not over yet,” says the president quite frankly, expecting nothing to be decided in the final.

Olympia Resume once in the final expulsion Jonathan Baz In a series of this case specifically against motagua And for Atala, “it was a terrible precedent because the referee loses its powers and assesses the failures, unless there is an organizational ruling, this is justified, but this is an assessment, then I followed the record.”