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Moderato: That's how they found the stolen truck the band's team was bringing

Moderato: That’s how they found the stolen truck the band’s team was bringing

After it became known on social networks that their equipment was stolen by the Moderato gang on a highway in Mexico, The prosecution opened an investigation file into the caseand the reason for which the representative of the group was contacted by the Regional Prosecutor of Amikameka, who reported that The truck was located in Puebla.

The attorney general will explain the case

By working with the Puebla Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Mexico State Attorney’s Office will continue to work to clarify this case.

Since in the early hours of Friday, The Moderato group announced that one of the commandos stole the truck with its team and kidnapped its drivers for a few hours. At the toll booth on the Mexico-Puebla highway, Noting that the theft occurred in one of the kiosks in Chalco, While they were on their way to Puebla, where they had a scheduled presentation.

Moderatto’s team truck has been found

The squad manager explained that it happened around 01:00 AM, and although the truck was found hours later, it had already been looted, so the team is still missing.

Until now It turns out that a commando got into the truck and hit the windows with pistols They lowered the three drivers, covered their heads, and took them into a car.

“The trucks are fitted with GPS, and it turns out that the truck was moved and then parked for an hour and an hour and a half in a place where we suspected everything had happened. The truck now appears in a shed in PueblaBut it seems empty, that’s the little information we have so far.”

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The only thing the group is asking for is support to get their team back, because they were going to the Puebla fair, where they will appear tonight.



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