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Millionaire Luis Miguel fortune, after 40 years of his career and a vital series

I’m sure I didn’t know about millionaire fortune Luis MiguelAfter 40 years in business and a vibrant streak.

Years of experience supports Luis Miguel, being one of the most important Latin artists with a long career.

The singer began his journey in 1981, at the age of eleven, when he appeared at the wedding of the daughter of the then President of Mexico, Jose Lopez Portillo.

Since then, “Sol de México” has worked non-stop and although it has been the victim of scams several times, it has managed to weather the ordeals.

According to the information received from celebrity net worthCurrently, Luis Miguel has a net worth of $180 million.

This amount consists of money earned from concert tours, royalties, record sales, his wine label, and from the Netflix series.

Although he has long been the idol of thousands of people, his career has been revived thanks to the fact that He agreed to translate his life into a biological series.

And that is that since the first act, the audience has come back to listen to his greatest hits, causing more copies on Spotify and more sales.

Millionaire Luis Miguel fortune, after 40 years of his career and a vital series

We saw in the series that the star used to live the life of luxury, starting with the house he bought in Acapulco and the Versace shirt he wore in his youth.

In addition, more than a decade ago, Luis Miguel acquired a luxury yacht called “Sky”, which witnessed many of his adventures.

It was confiscated in 2016 due to financial issues, but was able to get it back after paying just over $1 million.

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The value of the yacht is estimated at more than three million dollars.

And just a few months ago, the artist redesigned the boat for sale, although the reasons are not entirely clear, since it is not known that he has financial problems.

at the moment, The artist lives in Miami, Florida, where he owns a luxury penthouse in the Jade skyscraper, in Brickell Bay.

The place has a great view and all the amenities needed to enjoy a royal life.

Additionally, Luis Miguel owns other real estate in Los Angeles and Mexico.