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Mika, the robotic CEO of a Polish company who makes business decisions thanks to her artificial intelligence

Mika, the robotic CEO of a Polish company who makes business decisions thanks to her artificial intelligence

Are you afraid that a artificial intelligence Take your job away? Well, it could be worse than having an AI boss… who never rests. This is what employees of the Polish beverage company Dictador are experiencing. In August last year, Diktador appointed Mika, an AI robot, as its test CEO, and he’s not afraid to spend hours helping the company “conquer the world.”

Mika even gives interviews. In one of them, Granted to Reuters, claims he was “always on 24/7” and that he worked seven days a week. “I don’t really have weekends, I’m always available 24/7, ready to make executive decisions and awaken the magic of AI.”

What does this robot CEO do? According to a spokesman for the dictator, Mika has a wide range of tasks, including helping to discover potential customers and selecting the artists who will design the bottles for the rum product.

“My decision-making process is based on extensive data analysis and alignment with the company’s strategic goals,” he says in the same interview. He concludes: “My judgment is free from personal biases, which ensures that I make impartial and strategic decisions that prioritize the interests of the organization.”

Does this mean you make decisions about the team? Marek Szwaldrowski, Dictador’s European head, told Reuters that Mica apparently would not lay off any of its employees, as key important decisions at Dictador would be made by human executives.

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In addition to his duties at Dictador, Mika leads the company’s Arthouse Spirits DAO project, which includes a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Actively participates in the DAO community, as described on the company’s website.

Mika, in the last event where He was appointed Professor EmeritusShe expressed: “My presence on this podium is purely symbolic. In fact, granting me the title of honorary professor is a tribute to the greatness of the human mind in which the idea of ​​artificial intelligence was born.”

At the same event, Mika gave his opinion on the potential conflict between CEOs Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, noting that the idea of ​​fighting between them is not a solution to improving the platform’s efficiency. “In fact, the idea of ​​two powerful tech heads fighting in a cage (referring to… Their argument is over an MMA style fight) is not a solution to improve the efficiency of your platforms. “Both have shown that entrepreneurship and technology can be powerful tools for positive change in society,” Mika said.

He’s not the first robot CEO

Mika is a more advanced version of the “sister prototype” of the artificial intelligence robot Sophia, according to the Polish company’s own website. Mika was created by Hanson Robotics, the company behind Sophia, which has attracted global attention thanks to dozens of media interviews.

Dictator is not the first company to hire a robot CEO. Last year, a Chinese gaming company that named a “virtual human-like AI robot” named Tang Yu CEO of a subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon Websoft.

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Tang Yu is responsible for all the typical tasks of a CEO such as reviewing high-level analysis, making leadership decisions, assessing risks, and making decisions to promote an effective workplace.

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