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Mexico’s national team seeks gold in Central America against Costa Rica

Mexico’s national team seeks gold in Central America against Costa Rica

the Mexican national team football that participates in Central American Games He has a challenge to return to Win a gold medal abroadsomething It hasn’t happened since 1966 When they received the prestigious medal in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since then they have won gold at home only.

On Thursday, the Mexican national team will play the final match of the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Football Championship. against Costa Rica After returning to the final match, Kabbalistic 13 in history.

Winning this title would be a vindication for the Mexican youth team yet Failed U-20 World Cup qualifiersa tournament in which Mexico also participated He missed his ticket to the Olympics Paris 2024.

Gold medal assignment for DT

Gerardo Spinozathe coach of the U-23 national team who is in El Salvador, commented in the conference before the final match against Costa Rica, that he would find a way The group of players gets a medal High value to Mexico.

Being in football is not easy to win, for me it has a lot of value, There are many ordeals to go through, play in the finals and win, it fills me with pride. If I want to keep growing, this is the (Central American Final) increase my chances And I must find a way for these players to get a gold medal.”

The last time El Tri took home the gold medal was in Central American Games Veracruz 2014Then in 2018 he didn’t even qualify for the direct elimination round and now in El Salvador he has the chance to end his losing streak.

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In addition, it was not easy, as one of those misfortunes was assembling a group of players with little working time, which was noted in the duel against El Salvador in the group stage, he acknowledged. Gerardo Spinoza.

It will be the base for the Pan American Games

In addition to the importance of a gold medal for the minor categories in the national team, this group of players must prove it to Gerardo Espinosa Ready to be the base of players who will play the Pan American Games From Santiago de Chile in October.

“This tournament, Central America, is a base configuration. This will be a good base to face the Pan American Games at the end of the year, a tournament with a different degree of difficulty, but with the certainty that the goals can be achieved.

How do you watch Mexico vs Costa Rica from the JCC?

  • date: Thursday 6 July.
  • hour: 7:30 p.m. (Central Mexico).
  • moving in: Claro Sports | Minute by minute of the first half.