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Mediuc, the startup that wants to be Uber of Medicine

Mediuc, the startup that wants to be Uber of Medicine

The app brings users together with clinics and laboratories, and today it focuses on in-home polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, but intends to expand to other areas later.

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, people’s lifestyles have been modified in a number of ways. The business in many cases went to be 100% remote, or even mixed, and e-commerce explored a sales boom as people couldn’t leave their homes. Without a doubt, the medicine and technology applied to it also affected, and so is this startup.

What started as a friendship To share a taste for video games, an interest in computing and an aversion to phone calls, Chilean college students led Ian Lee (20) and Andres Kimene (19) to founding in early 2021. Medioc, “Medical Uber,” as they define it.

Today’s app focuses on scheduling PCR at home.

Mediuc is a marketplace that brings users together with laboratories and clinics, but for now, due to the health emergency, it is focusing on agendar PCB from the room. However, the project seeks to set medical appointments, run tests without leaving home, compare prices and evaluate services.

How it works

On the other hand one of its founders confirmed that they are working with Minque Lab. Users have to register with Mediuc and specify a sample collection time, which is done in-house by laboratory personnel and the app charges a commission. Within four months, they had already paid more than $ 14 million, and identified 300 tests.

People of our time do not like to be called. The best system for us is Uber EatsSince you write four times and have something to eat anywhere in town. Therefore, we think about repeating this with medical problems, we always have to contact the centers and if we want to compare prices, we have to open many pages.Lee commented.

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One of its founders said: “People of our time do not like contact with them.”

Entrepreneurs are currently focused on their startup, so Lee has frozen his studies in software engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada, despite the outbreak in Santiago. Kemeny is in the second year of Civil Engineering at the University of Adolfo Ibáñez.


Beyond Mediuc It became available a few months ago, and the app was already able to raise capital. At the start of the year, Mediuc was one of five storetops chosen by the metronome Platanos VenturesIn addition to mentoring, he contributed $ 50,000 USD.

On the one hand, the app also received another $ 50,000 from Houm, Online platform for real estate services. Lee comments that when he was still in high school, he joined this company and became an early engineer. Hence, Houm, Benjamín Labra and Nicolás Knockaert founders provided funding and mentorship.

Building on this investment, the startup is seeking to expand throughout Chile within four or five months. In addition, they will add more types of tests on the platform, to arrive in Colombia at the end of the year.

Source: Diario Financiero.