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medicina enfermería prácticas anatomía

Medicine opens its doors to nursing students

They perform human anatomy practices in the autopsy room

Since last December 10, the Faculty of Medicine in Al-Baseet welcomes first-year students of the Al-Baseet Nursing degree, within the subject of human anatomy, to carry out their practices in the anatomy room of the center. The activity is coordinated by Professor Sandra Cepada, in collaboration with Professors of Anatomy of Medicine.

Medicine Nursing Practice Anatomy

From last December 10 until this afternoon, first-year Nursing degree students have the opportunity to do an internship in the anatomy room of the College of Medicine, with the subject of Human Anatomy.

The experience of the multicenter, done in recent years, is “extremely positive,” according to the participants.

This is an activity coordinated by teacher Sandra Cepada and consists of observation and observation by students of different devices.

Work is performed in wet rooms for human anatomy practices, and during practices students are accompanied by area professors and with the help of a laboratory/room technician.

Medicine Nursing Practice Anatomy
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