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She is married, quit acting and has a degree in forensic science - people online

She is married, quit acting and has a degree in forensic science – people online

Vanessa Carbone It’s a name that hasn’t appeared in the headlines of major entertainment media for many years. This is because after many years and many work projects, she was able to graduate from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science and made the decision to dedicate herself solely to that.

carbon He has a long history of work experience. When she finished high school, the actress wanted to study to become a criminologist, but since the profession was not in Buenos Aires, she went to study law. There he got his first job: “I have been an adviser three times in Congress, to two Senators and one Representative”‘ It is to explain Vanessa In an interview with Pronto magazine.

At 22, she dropped out of school and started modeling while still working for a senator. Once upon a time, he was between a hammer and an anvil and had to choose between the two things he would do. She decided to continue her life as a model. carbonAnd after she saw that modeling was not her specialty, she began to study theater. and then George Brunelli He added her to his artistic agency and began working heavily in plays and television series.

Although an excellent gift in the field of entertainment, Vanessa She never gave up on her dream of studying to become a criminologist, so when she saw that her career was finally in Buenos Aires, she began her long-awaited studies. Then, again, he had to make a decision that would change the course of his life. This time, he stayed in his studies. In 2017, she earned a degree in Forensic Science specializing in Cybercrime Care.

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Currently, she is the Director of the Department of Criminology and Criminology at SATP (Argentine Society of Personality Disorders and Psychopathy), a University Professor at UAI, and a forensic investigator at the Cybercrime Observatory. So her days on the show were far behind her.

As for his private life, carbon I married the singer Luis Gonzalezin 2014. And in 2017 at the same time as he earned his undergraduate degree, Vanessa She gave birth to her first daughter Malo. The lawyer met her husband in 2012, during the recordings of the Fort Night Show.

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