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Matthias Kranifetter banned for two matches for attacking Iverson Sutildo

Matthias Kranifetter banned for two matches for attacking Iverson Sutildo

Mexico City /

A week after the aggression analysis Matthias Kranvetter to Yverson Sutildo what happened During the match between Tigres and Monterrey On the eleventh day, the Disciplinary Committee announced, imposing sanctions on the Argentine with two matches.

In the early minutes of Sunday, at an unusual time, the agency issued the statement announcing The penalty for Cranvetter, who will not be in the matches against Chivas and Santosalthough it’s a drop that shouldn’t weigh much, since This is a replacement item.

“Player Claudio Matthias Kranvetter is punished with a two-match suspension and an economic fine, For violating the provisions of Article 5, 17, paragraph e) of the Sanctions Regulations of FMF in effect for the 2021-2022 season.”

what happened?

Last Saturday, videos went viral showing how this happened Kranvitter Sutildo hits with his forearm Without receiving a red card from referee Jorge Antonio Perez Duran, for which an investigation was opened that took a week to reach a solution.

Kranvetter apologized for his reaction. With a message on social networks, he says: “This is the only way I have to communicate and apologize for what happened on Saturday in the Clasico. I have never, nor will I, intend to harm a colleague or anyone“.

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