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Marc Anthony se anota un fracaso tras colapso en plataforma “streaming”

Mark Anthony scores a failure after the collapse of the streaming platform

What Marc Anthony promised as an unforgettable night ended with his fans waiting endlessly after the “broadcast” platform used for his long-awaited virtual party collapsed.

The show’s failure led to a flurry of memes and comments of all kinds, including insults, harassment, jokes …

After midnight salsero Mark Anthony issued a statement, In their social networks, where He apologized to the audience that he could not enjoy his first virtual party, “Tonight”.

First of all, I would like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to the unprecedented number of fans from all over the world who signed up to watch “Tonight” and were unable to watch it due to the massive attendance. The lawsuit that caused the complete collapse of the “sttreaming” platform, reveal.

The writing adds: “I am deeply sorry for the failure of this technology, which is completely beyond my control. You can be sure that I will not rest and we will do my best to give all the people who have gone the extra mile to get their tickets to You can watch the concert as soon as possible They can enjoy it. “

The disturbance ended in leaving the crowd upset and disappointed after technical problems prevented the event from starting. Memes on social networks did not wait.

+ Disadvantages

The concert was scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm on Saturday, April 17th, and has been sold out as “the world’s first and only digital live broadcasting concert”. But the crowd had been waiting for more than four hours, not knowing what would happen.

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At 8:33 pm, an announcement about the delays and problems they had encountered with the digital platform was posted on the artist’s Twitter account, which Listín Diario viewed.

“Good evening! The concert has not started yet. Maestro platform has problems. We appreciate your patience and the show will start in a few minutes. The team is working as fast as possible. Loudliveinc”, the artist said in a later deleted tweet.

As time progressed, more and more followers of the artist on social networks protested the delay, until Marc Anthony became a trend on Twitter.

“If I were Marc Anthony’s crisis advisor, I would have canceled the concert, make public excuses, force businessmen to return money from tickets, sue businessmen for damage to their reputation, and I’ll throw a free concert next week on YouTube,” Jimmy Montes commented on Twitter.

Many users used the words “I feel stolen” or “my money back”.

Another user wrote: “Millions of Latin Americans have left a bitter taste.”

The concert titled “One Night”, which was supposed to be broadcast live from Miami via livestream, generally costs $ 40 per e-ticket.