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Bruce Willis: First photos of the actor after frontotemporal dementia diagnosis | Celeb from United States nnda nnlt | fame

In a radical way, this is a way of life Bruce Willis after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, as announced on February 16, 2023 by his ex-wife Demi Moore, his eldest daughters and current actor partner Emma Heming. As stated, in March 2022, the family of the ‘Die Hard’ protagonist published a joint statement declaring Withdrawing from the world of acting due to aphasia Which he suffered because it affected his speech and communication.

And although there is now a more accurate diagnosis, the public appearance of the Hollywood star for several months was nil. However, at the beginning of March of the year 2023, he was photographed walking with some friends in the streets of the United States.

First photos of Bruce Willie after being diagnosed with frontal thoracic dementia

After the difficult year that the actor suffered, For the first time Bruce Willis has been photographed since his illness became known. He was The moderator who posted the pictures where you can see it was Walking the streets of Santa Monica, California.

Bruce Willis was pictured walking around Santa Monica (Photo: Daily Mail)

But he has not been alone since then He was accompanied by two friends with whom he went out for coffee when walking. The protagonist of “The Sixth Sense” was dressed in casual clothes: a gray hat, a dark sweatshirt, black pants, a watch and sneakers.

The photos were taken on March 2 when the producer was walking quietly in the streets.

Actor Bruce Willis with two of his friends bought coffee (Picture: Daily Mail)

Take care of your loved ones

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis’ entire family is very focused on the care he must receive for frontotemporal dementia, a disease that has no cure or cure and will continue to progress as the days go by.

The actor’s mother, Marilyn Wilfried, told the German newspaper Bild that she was not sure if her son recognized her, but she noticed that his behavior was slower, although there was a slight aggression. It is no longer possible to have a normal conversation with him.shown.

Bruce Willis listens to his mother at the Gala for the Actor’s Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 16, 2006 (Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP)

How was Bruce Willis’ diagnosis announced?

Bruce Willis family Including his wife, Emma Heming Willis, Ex-partner Demi Moore and their daughters, Publication of a statement through the Frontotemporal Atrophy Association And in their respective social networks.

Since we announced Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis in the spring of 2022, Bruce’s condition has progressed‘, they began at the letter signed by all of them.

Now we have a more specific diagnosis: Frontotemporal dementia (commonly known as FTD). Unfortunately, communication challenges are only one of the symptoms of the disease Bruce is facing. Although this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis.They detailed.

Bruce Willis with his daughters at Christmas (Photo: Demi Moore/Instagram)

Learn more about Bruce Willis

How did Bruce hide his illness?

According to the Vulture page, the actor was already experiencing symptoms of aphasia during his last tapes, but he avoided giving in and tried to hide them as much as possible. In fact, the aforementioned portal indicates that there were chances that Bruce forgot his character dialogues and even seemed disoriented by his environment.

but, Translator “The Sixth Sense”He longed to continue making films, so he started getting roles without much significance and where he limited himself to speaking only. One of his most popular methods was listening to his lines through an earphone hidden in his ear. More details here

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