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Marin will make one last attempt with medicine before finishing his term

Marin will make one last attempt with medicine before finishing his term

The Dean of the University of León, Juan Francisco García Marín, will meet next Monday, April 15, with the Minister of Education, María José González, to make a final attempt with the project to establish the Faculty of Medicine at the University of León. Before Leon leaves his position, which expires next May after calling for elections.

“On Monday, not this, but the next, we will have a postponed meeting with the Chancellor (Education, Rocío Lucas) where we will once again present more data and more reports. But the next rector must be the one to participate in it,” Marin emphasized.

“I have two tasks remaining, San Isidoro and the inauguration of the new rector. “I will continue working until the last day,” he explained in the period leading up to the inauguration ceremony of the three new honorary doctors, which was held yesterday in Al-Bitar.

In proposing a meeting, the León Academic Foundation is insisting on its initial proposal to locate the San Antonio Abad Building of the School of Medicine – owned by the Provincial Council – next to the Hospital del León. Since the property would require a significant investment, New Approach committed to an “affordable” option that would include the construction of a building on the Vijazana Campus, where classes for this degree would be held.

The option under consideration will be in the lower part of the university area, so the new construction will also directly adapt to the needs of studies such as medicine.

This is the last attempt to obtain a Lyon degree, before a change takes place at the top of the university.

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