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Maria Corina Machado: The Supreme Court of Venezuela confirms the exclusion of the opposition presidential candidate

Image source, Gabriela Ora/Getty


Machado was selected as the opposition candidate in the October primary.

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On Friday, the Supreme Court of Venezuela confirmed that opposition presidential candidate Maria Corina Machado was politically barred from holding public office, according to a ruling revealed on the organization’s website.

The Supreme Court stated that “Citizen Maria Corina Machado Barisica is ineligible to exercise public office for 15 years.”

Machado was chosen as the unity candidate of the opposition to President Nicolas Maduro in the October primaries in which she won a landslide victory.

Weeks later, after the signing between the government and the Venezuelan opposition of the so-called Barbados Agreements, aimed at facilitating the holding of presidential elections with guarantees in Venezuela this year, Machado asked the court to clarify whether she was subject to disqualification.

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