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Marathon, with a goal in a "lab" play, defeats Olympia and scratches the semi-finals of Apertura 2021-10

Marathon, with a goal in a “lab” play, defeats Olympia and scratches the semi-finals of Apertura 2021-10

In solid classics and with many caveats in the Olympics, marathon Hit first in the playoffs and beat Olympiad (1-0) to play the semi-finals of Apertura 2021.

Defeat Double by Kevin López and Motagua UPNFM

The score is not enough, the coin is still up in the air, but the Greens have shown that they want to continue the fight and will seek to ring the bell next Sunday at the National Stadium.

Mario Martinez He scored the only goal in the match (29) after playing a good “lab”. When so many thought so Shalex Will shoot a free kick into the arc, through the young midfielder for “10”, who hit the arc Alex GettyWho came in because of the problems he posed Edric Mengevar Too early in the game.

The return leg of the return leg will take place on Sunday at 4:00 pm in Nacional, a large crowd of Merengue fans is expected and the Whites can project another photo because tonight there is still much to be desired.

The party began to take control of Olympiad by auction Altamirano And the balls in space are looking for you Bengtsun. But at only the 15th minute, albo had to make the first substitute. Edric Mengevar Not feeling he was in a position to continue, he touched his head and called for medical help to give him his place Alex Getty.

Minjivar gets dizzy and gives up classic against Marathon

14 minutes passed to 29 minutes when the special guest came. Shalex center touched for Mario Martinez After a free kick he did not forgive his left hand to make it 1-0 and tamed the lions.

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The Greens demanded a penalty kick at 32 against a hand Altamirano Within the area, but Melissa PastranaThe person in charge of justice did not penalize the alleged offense because the ball hit the Olympian in the thigh first.

Bengtsun He did the same with his team at 39. The striker threw a low position that hit his arm jarido Within the area, the criminal demanded, but Pastrana He also did not fulfill her wish. With those controversial plays we went to rest.

What Olympia needs to advance to the semi-finals

In the second half, the scoreboard no longer moves. “The Beast” lacked clear opportunities with the departure Mario And Shalex to disturb. Pedro TruglioMeanwhile, I entered Carlos Pineda And Edwin Rodriguez To give the team more movement, but nothing has changed. Except for the biting shot of banguchi and the last of Bengtsun In the end they were the only plays that annoyed me a bit Dinovan.

marathon He dreams of a semi-final and has already taken the first step. Olympiad He will have to change the slide and take out the claw that distinguishes him if he wants to survive the competition.

data sheet

line up

marathon: Dinovan Torres, Jose Aguilera, Alans Vargas, Matías Teixeira, Luis Vega; Christian Calix, Luis Garrido, Isaac Castillo, Mario Martinez; Fries Lopez and Edwin Solani.

Olympiad: Edric Menjivar, Jose Garcia, Brian Bekeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo; Jose Pinto, Jorge Alvarez, German Mejia, Cristian Altamirano; Jerry Bingson and Eddie Hernandez.

the changes

marathon: Mario Martinez left for Mallorquin, Cristian Calix to Sylvain Guevara, Friles Lopez to Brian Castillo and Solani to Mikel Santos.

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Olympiad: Edric Menjívar for Alex Güity, German Mejía for Carlos Pineda, Jorge Alvarez for Edwin Rodríguez, Cristian Altamirano for Jamir Maldonado and Eddie Hernández for Jorge Benguché.

yellow cards

marathon: Luis Vega, Alans Vargas, Mayorquin, Christian Calix and Martin Tato Garcia.

Olympiad: Jonathan Paz, Eddie Hernandez, Jose Garcia and Carlos Pineda.

There was no red card