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Summary of the Atalanta match against Salernitana (8-2), the goals of the first division, “the first half

William OchsAs fora lived a nightmare In his third game of a series; got humiliation by atalanta, that Salernitana crushed 8-2 in Bergamo. Do you worst defeat which was received by the Mexican goalkeeper Europe And even more massive with his new team, which doesn’t always show a good defense and always gets the better of it.

Summary of the Atlanta and Salernitana match in the Italian League

In the match held in Joyce Stadium in BergamoSalernitana did not resist until five minutes into the match: Jeremy PughHe had already scored the first day of the afternoon with a shot in the area for F.C 1-0.

10 minutes ago ochoa note He threw a long kick it Piatek persisted to Bolay daywho finally set a goal to obtain The score is 1-1 That could be hope for him Salernitana. However, in 45 minutes everything collapsed, because The defense did not resist.

Salernitana, with a nightmare in the first half

First penal who had his dose of controversy was charged Lockmanthat He is nearly stopped by Ochoabut eventually relented and 2-1. Then came the third, courtesy of the cannons Giorgio Scalvini 45 minutes ago Koopmeiners goalsa rebound shot after a penalty kick was saved by Ochoa, and by Hojlund, from setting the The scoreboard is 5-1 The first time in horror.

It was a headache for Ochoa who again saved some balls, but he couldn’t do anything, because His defense was lenient to challengersWho touched the ball in the area and this facilitated the shots, which is why penalty kicks and, accordingly, goals were created.

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More goals for Ochoa in the second half

in it again The goals of the great match arrived: first Lockman He was encouraged to hit it out of the area and although Ochoa fired it was at an angle: 6-1. The seventh goal was from Edersonwho from outside the area, with a powerful touch, put the ball into a corner 7-1.

the other as much Salernitana Thanks was one play todaywho sent a pass to Caviglia. Finishing first, a defender put his leg in and deflected the ball, which slid past the post to make it 7-2.

about the last minutes, I visited you Space was created in the area, and with Bad brand Moreover, he was able to send a file cross shot for 8-2, That closed the scoreboard from the scandal and the worst humiliation of the Mexican goalkeeper and his team who do not respond in defense.