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Manny de la Parra was taken to hospital in emergency condition

Manny de la Parra was taken to hospital in emergency condition

On the morning of Wednesday, January 10, it turned out that the singer, Manny de la Parra was taken to hospital as an emergency. The above generated uncertainty among his fans.

Instagram: @manedelaparra

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Manny de la Parra announces that he has been hospitalized in an emergency

Through your official account InstagramThe famous man shared some stories with his followers in which he announced this He was admitted to hospital. However, so as not to worry his fans, he wrote a message to inform him How is your health currently?

“We had to go to hospital, nothing serious, but how important it is to feel healthy. “A hug to all those struggling to improve their health and thanks to everyone who helps,” he wrote. Manny is accompanied by a photo of him lying on a stretcher.

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What does Manny de la Parra have?

The Mexican actor also explained He explained that he was not serious So He was able to leave the hospital without any problem. But he explained why he was hospitalized.

“Thank you for your messages, we are already back home, it was a stomach problem. We spent a few hours in the hospital, they guided me and gave me the medicines I need to be there and now we will be fine. All I have to do is take care of my stomach, it has been many days “I eat a lot of waste. Thanks for your messages. Well, they told me to rest and take care of my stomach.”

Manny de la Parra

For his part, Mani’s public relations man said: Alberto NavarroHe also provided details about his client's health condition. He commented on that The famous man was on vacation in Cancun with his family due to the December festivities.. He had severe colitis, so it was necessary Go to the hospital. However, he has already been discharged from the hospital.

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“Thank you for your concern about the health of Manny de la Parra, who… He was suffering from intestinal obstruction caused by acute colitis. This happened in Cancun, and at the hospital they put him on a drip and gave him medicine. Thank God they released him, he was already out of the hospital. Thank you for your love,” Alberto Navarro commented to the press.

What projects is Mane de la Parra currently involved in?

Mane de la Parra has established himself as one of the country's most prominent actors. Although he is currently launched as the host of the show Look who's dancing.

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