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Man wins lottery prize that will give him $19,000 a year for life, but he’d rather have a one-time payment of $377,000

Man wins lottery prize that will give him $19,000 a year for life, but he’d rather have a one-time payment of $377,000

Rolf Ballentine, a 56-year-old man from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, used to buy Lotto 6/49 lottery tickets. but One day he decided to try something different and bought a ticket to the Daily Grand game. This decision made him win an award that changed his life.

After the draw, Ballentine checked the results on the OLG lottery app and that’s when he realized he had won the jackpot.

“It was crazy,” said the lucky winner.

Ballentine won the second largest prize in the daily big draw on June 15, 2023. That means it You can earn CAD 25,000 per year for the rest of your life, which is about 19,000 US dollars.

Ballentine, who was with his parents when he discovered his big prize, immediately showed them his phone screen.

“They were as surprised as I was,” said the player.

At the time of collection, Balentin chose to receive the award all at once, rather than receive $25,000 annually, so He finally got $500,000 Canadian dollars, which is about $377,000 USD.

The winner said he plans to manage his finances and use the money to complete some home renovations.

Ballentine also plans to go back to school and become a physical therapist.

The winning ticket was purchased at Circle K located across the street from Park Road in Oshawa.

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